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Top award for TWCA

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yvonne Swales is the Head of Services at New Prospects, and has responsibilities for upholding the excellent standards of staff training we provide.

She is also the elected Chair of the ACE Network of organisations which provide support services to people with learning disabilities or mental health issues in the region. This means that as an important member of local health care services she sits on the Tyne and Wear Care Alliance (TWCA) Strategic Partnership Board.

So everyone at New Prospects was delighted when Yvonne was invited down to London in December for the SkillsForCare Accolades, as the TWCA was nominated for the prestigious Best Partnership Supporting Transformation award.

In previous years the TWCA has won many awards for its excellent efforts in working with employers to provide a well-qualified workforce in the Tyne and Wear area, so everyone at New Prospects had their fingers crossed for another big win.

Luckily the selection board at the SkillsForCare Accolades agreed with our opinion that the North East is one of the best areas in the country for good practice and high standards of care and the TWCA made the shortlist of three partnerships, and finally went on to walk away with the award!

It's brilliant to see the North East being recognised for the highly-skilled and dedicated staff working in health care services and at New Prospects we feel very lucky and proud to have Yvonne on our team to share good practice across our community in order that we can continue improving and providing the very best service for our users.

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