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Have you heard about "personalisation"?

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The Government want you to have more control over how you get the support that you need.  Your social worker will help you to work out how much support you need and how much money will be in your budget to get the support you want.

New Prospects can help you if you have been given a budget for your support from your Local Authority.  We will be able to help you make a support plan, providing the direct help that you need as well as helping you to manage your budget if you want us to.

We can help with support - up to 24 hours a day. 

We can help with advice on housing options, benefits and managing a tenancy. 

We can help you to develop your activities, interests and skills. 

We can help with advice about your body and health and will support you with managing any medication. 

We can help you to have the life you want.

New Prospects can provide you with whatever level of support you like, it's your choice. Take a look at the range of support services we can offer and see if New Prospects is right for you.

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