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Community Networks

Values in Action! We've always believed in the skills and talents of the people we support and had faith in the capacity of the communities we work in to be welcoming. New Prospects Community Networks are a new and exciting way for people to make the most of their support, their community and their own skills. Four people join a network and each pay towards the cost of a network facilitator.

The job of the network facilitator is to help network members plan and find things in the community they can get involved in - either on their own, with another network member or with the support of the network facilitator.

Network members are guaranteed to get the support they pay for from the facilitator - but if people find things they want to do together or if they can support each other to get involved they will get much more support - just delivered in a different way.

"Community networks are a great way for people to share their skils and talents with each other and the wider community - together we are better!"

For more information contact Tim Keilty at New Prospects on; 

Telephone - 0191 251 7737

Mobile - 078 185 156 05

Email tim.keilty@new-prospects.org


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