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Reaching Out

What is 'Reaching Out'?

Reaching Out runs over two days per week and is always based in the heart of the community - our first project is based in North Shields a strong and vibrant community, with a wide range of coomunity projects from asoup kitchen led by The Salvation Army to a Community Art Gallery.

Reaching Out is all about being included and that starts right at the outset - we would support you to travel to our base via public transport or 'buddying up' walks but never on a big white minibus!

How does it work?

Initially we, along with Skills for People, will support you to explore your own gifts, strenghts and talents finding out what it is that really interest and excites you as an individual. Then together we will explore the local community and find out where your talents and interests will be most welcome.

As well as this, we will continue to build a map of the local community highlighting projects across the area that might interest you or other members of Reaching Out.

New Prospects will provide community connecting support workers - talented, well conected people who are passionate about providing good unobstrusive support - whose role it is to introduce you to projects that you will enjoy and be able to contribute to, then support you throughout your involvement.

If we cant find a project to suit you then they will help you develop one that does. Each memeber of Reaching Out will have access to a small budget to help them develop their ideas.

Why Reaching Out?

We believe Reaching Out will help you to:

- Build a life in the community not in special services

- Lead and contribute to a community project that interests you

- Influence and shape your local community

- Provide a space to meet likeminded peopele

- Be supported by people who are passionate about you reaching your potential

- Develop voluntary experience as preparation for work

How Much Does It Cost?

Reaching Out costs £42.00 per day. Participants will be expected to pay their own bus/metro fares and bring their own lunch (or money for lunch)

For more information contact Tim Keilty at New Prospects on

Telephone 0191 251 7737

Mobile 078 185 156 05

Email tim.keilty@new-prospects.org

Download "Reaching Out" Brochure 


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