Tim Keilty, Project Manager

Tim Keilty

Project Manager

Sam Taylor, Service Manager

Sam Taylor

Service Manager

Rachel Ceron, Finance Assistant

Rachel Ceron

Finance Assistant

Paul Hutchinson, Board Member

Paul Hutchinson

Board Member

Pat Lannen, Support Manager

Pat Lannen

Support Manager

Michelle Dodds, Head of Services

Michelle Dodds

Head of Services

Michelle Coleman, Service Manager

Michelle Coleman

Service Manager

Mark Carton, Board Member

Mark Carton

Board Member

Marie Leng, Community Support Manager

Marie Leng

Community Support Manager

Malcolm Hall, Support Manager

Malcolm Hall

Support Manager

Linda Shaw, Service Manager

Linda Shaw

Service Manager

Lesley Lillie, Finance/Admin Manager

Lesley Lillie

Finance/Admin Manager

Ken Grey, Board Member

Ken Grey

Board Member

Keith Williamson, Board Member

Keith Williamson

Board Member

Katie Gallagher, Administrator

Katie Gallagher


Julie Ruddick, Finance Officer

Julie Ruddick

Finance Officer

Julie Lindsay, Administrator

Julie Lindsay


James Taylor, Support Manager

James Taylor

Support Manager

Ian Brewis, Admin/IT Officer

Ian Brewis

Admin/IT Officer

Helen Arthur, Support Manager

Helen Arthur

Support Manager

Ellen Vick, Chief Executive

Ellen Vick

Chief Executive

Elayne Alexander, Executive Assistant

Elayne Alexander

Executive Assistant

Denise Milburn, Support Manager

Denise Milburn

Support Manager

Dean McLauchlan, Payroll/Finance Administrator

Dean McLauchlan

Payroll/Finance Administrator

David Slessanger, Board Member

David Slessanger

Board Member

Craig Nicolson, Support Manager

Craig Nicolson

Support Manager

Chris-Graham Scott, Board Member

Chris-Graham Scott

Board Member

Cheryl Jones, Service Manager

Cheryl Jones

Service Manager

Carol Belshaw, Finance Assistant

Carol Belshaw

Finance Assistant

Anna Simpson, Administrator

Anna Simpson


Alan Ross, Board Member

Alan Ross

Board Member