New Prospects is a Safe Place

The New Prospects building is now a Safe Place. This means that we have registered and been approved to be part of the Safe Places scheme. There is a sticker on the door that says we are a Safe Place. This lets people who have registered with the scheme know that they can come into the building and our staff will help them. The Safe Places scheme works by providing places where vulnerable people can go if they feel that they need help – they may have lost their wallet, been subjected to hate crime or they might just be lost or disorientated. When they register for the scheme they must give two telephone numbers which will be put onto a card which the person carries with them.

It is not just for people with a learning disability but for all vulnerable people. If you support someone who is an independent traveller, or who does not get much support and is out and about on their own, we have leaflets in our reception to tell them how to join up to the scheme.