Here at New Prospects Association we believe that the people we support have a lot to offer. We support people to find places in the community where they can offer their gifts, skills and talents. With a bit of support people can do amazing things…

Rita Donnison

Rita uses her many talents to make her community better. Rita is an amazing knitter; she’s knitted 236 baby bonnets and 41 blankets which she donates to the Tiny Lives Trust for babies on the Special Care Baby Unit. Rita is also an expert fundraiser.

Freddie Nichols

Freddie has always loved art, and he’s got a talent for it. He is supported to attend North Tyneside Art Studio, where he creates paintings based on his life experiences and his interests. Freddie has won international prizes, sold some of his work, and even exhibited his paintings at Woodhorn Colliery Museum, alongside the world Read More