Whitley Bay Big Local

We got involved with Whitley Bay Local just as we moved into our new building in Whitley Bay. There are 150 Big Local areas throughout the UK and they all get a grant of £1million pounds over 10 years – local people must get together to decide how that money will be spent to improve the town.

Working with Whitley Bay Big Local has been a real bonus, helping us, and more importantly, the people we support get more involved in what’s going on locally.

People we support have been really involved in things like the annual carnival, helping out at the Big Local shop and attending lots of events that Big Local supports.

We are much more visible in the town and we hope that we are respected as a helpful organisation with a lot to offer, and we hope the people we support are sen as having a lot to offer also.

You can read an article by Tim Keilty describing our efforts to become more of a community organisation here;