Annual Report

Annual Report 2016 is now available to read or download

Fighting For Inclusion

Tim Keilty

Fighting for Inclusion or Building Community – New Prospects Association took the decision in 2011 to become more of a community organisation, not just a support provider. I’m not sure exactly what we meant by that in 2011, but in 2014 we invested in a community building in Whitley Bay.

Keys To Citizenship

Simon Duffy

Keys to Citizenship describes how we can achieve citizenship in practice. Although the book focuses on people with learning difficulties it is a framework which applies to all of us.

No Going Back

Tim Keilty and Kellie Woodley

No Going Back documents the experiences of people who lived and worked at Prudhoe Hospital in Northumberland – one of the many institutions where people with learning difficulties were incarcerated during the twentieth century. At the heart of this book are vivid testimonies from those who look back and say – there must be no going back.

People, Places, Possibilities

Ralph Broad

‘People, Places, Possibilities’ outlines the progress made in implementing Local Area Coordination in England and Wales between 2012 and 2015. Early development sites are demonstrating significant improvements in the quality of people’s lives while also providing savings to public services.

Much More To Life Than Services

Bob Rhodes

‘Much more to Life than Services’ challenges everyone to think about what they want out of life, what they would want out of life if disability, illness or frailty caused them to become very dependent upon the support and care of others, and what sort of a society they want to live in and what they could contribute to making their vision come true.