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We are New Prospects and we’ve been supporting people with a learning disability for over 25 years. We support people to live the lives they choose, whether they need support 24 hours a day or just a few hours a week.

We’ve learned a lot over the last 25 years from the people we support and their families and we’ll keep on learning and changing to make sure we stay focused on giving people what they want. We are small, local and well connected. Being small doesn’t mean we don’t think big!

​We provide support for those receiving a service funded by their local authority, or via a direct payment or an Individual Service Fund.


Supported Living

At New Prospects we believe supported living is what you make it! We provide dedicated care and support in your own home whether you live by yourself or share with others. It’s your home we just support you to live the life you choose!  You will help choose the staff who work with you and you will decided how things are done.

We are not the landlord, you have your own housing rights whether you own your home or rent it. Our staff will work with you to decide how you want to be supported and we’ll stick to that unless you tell us to change it! We’ll listen to you and people who care about you to work out what matters most and what you want out of life – we will develop a person centred plan so we can support you in the best way possible at home and as a member of your community.


Enablement Support – Get Up, Get Out, Get Going

We have been providing ‘outreach’ support for people in the North East for the last few years. We support people to do whatever it is they want and need to do. We support people with practical things – help to get up in the morning, support with money and budgeting and help to do shopping. We support people to play their part in their community.  A member of our enablement team will become your dedicated worker and will  work with you to ensure you get the most out of life.   


Shared Management ​


If you have a direct payment and you employ your own staff but would like a bit of help with the management of your service – staff supervisions, doing the rotas, working out the budget and how to spend it -  then we can help you.  Please get in touch and ask for further information.


Community Networks/Friendship Networks


New Prospects Community Networks are a new and exciting way for people to make the most of their support, their community and their own skills. Four people join a network and each pay towards the cost of a network facilitator.  ​

When we leave school it is easy to lose touch with our friends, and this is especially true for young disabled people because of the barriers they face and sometimes the responsibility for keeping up friendships falls on the busy parents. We can help to build networks to keep young people in touch using Assistive Technology and face to face meet ups.



Starting out

We know that for young people the world of work is difficult to get into, this is especially true for young people with a learning disability.  Young people’s experience of work often starts with a Saturday job, a paper round, or doing odd jobs for neighbours and friends. At New Prospects we’ll help you find, do and keep a job whether it is supporting you to find a local paper round or supporting you to join one of our mini enterprises, from dog walking to car washing we’ve got it covered.

Working with children


In the same way that we support adults with a learning disability we also support children and young people aged 8 and above.  Staff work with children either in the family home or by taking them out of the house after school and at weekends.



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