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Here at New Prospects the people we support are our main focus - their happiness, independence, quality of life, and day to day experience. The people we work with and their families have given us some amazing testimonials about the level of service we offer them, and their extended family. This gives us all  peace of mind that your loved ones are being given the very best support.  See for yourself what they had to say........

External Organisations

Thank you so much New Prospects for completing with flying colors the Mental Health Safety foundation programme the safeguards qualification and embedding sessions, by following the green cross code you are now fully qualified to guide your staff safely across the mental health road. 

It has been an absolute great pleasure to work with such a receptive and conscientious group of people who aren't just ticking a box they really care about their team's welfare.  

Thank you, 

Tracy Turner. 

Mental Health Safety UK

Relatives of the people we support

"What a mum says:"

“My son has been provided with excellent person centred care for two years by New Prospects Association, an outstanding organisation. The Staff who work in partnership with my son in his supported living accommodation are well trained, compassionate and caring, offering support at all times. They treat my son respectfully, listening to his preferences, requests and identifying any needs that may be highlighted. These factors enable him to live a happy and fulfilling life.

He is often given one to one care which enables him to pursue his favourite activities whilst also building on his personal strengths. He loves to swim, and this coupled with a healthy eating plan, instigated and overseen by the staff,  has procured a much needed weight loss of approximately seven stone. This is a very positive and welcome outcome which I am delighted with. I feel the staff have most definitely addressed his health and personal well being in achieving this minor “miracle” and demonstrates their dedication to the service users under their care.

I am kept verbally well informed of my sons progress and feel I can contact the staff at any time for an update, to answer a query or to address any concerns I may have, which are then dealt with swiftly and appropriately. I am also sent email copies of any correspondence sent to his address from his G.P. Hospital attendances, or any other health care professional involved in his care.
My son lives in a safe and nurturing environment, where the staff promote and facilitate a good quality of life for my son. I am very happy with the care delivered by New Prospects.”

'In mine and my husband's opinion our relative loves everybody and anybody, which is a sign of good care and he makes his own choices. He is in complete control of his life with staff support  which is a good thing. Staff are always on top of my relatives health needs and go above and beyond their duty of care, staff couldn't do enough to support him. A big thanks.'

'My daughter goes swimming, Ten Pin Bowling, Theatre, church luncheon club, singing groups and mixes in with the community with staff support.'

'When I need help or support from staff and more recently with management, I have found them extremely helpful and understanding. Always putting my relatives best interests first and always acting in a professional yet caring manner.'

'The staff at Stead Lane are fantastic, they give their all to help my relative and are very kind to me.'

'New Prospects Association is the best thing ever happened, my relative has come on leaps and bounds.'


'My son enjoys excellent care and support in his own home. Staff know him well and make sure his choices are first.'

People We Support

'I really do love where I live, the staff and people around me help me and encourage me to achieve great things and no I don’t want to live anywhere else Heaton Terrace is my home. This is where I live

I get great joy out of sitting making prem baby hats for Tiny Lives, I've done this for a few years now. You can not buy them in the shops. I know I'm doing something good to help tiny babies.'

'Since having my support for the past few years, my support worker and other support staff have helped me achieve my Hospitality course at college and volunteer work at the YMCA and help me lose a lot of weight, I have lost about 7 stones. I am very happy with my support.'


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