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We live our Values.  All new staff learn about our values and what they mean on their very first day with us.  This is what we tell them:

Openness, Honesty and Visibility

This organisation will be open and honest in its dealings with everyone that it comes into contact with.  People we support are visible and active in their local community.

It DOES NOT mean that our staff will wear identity tags round their necks – that is not the sort of visibility that helps people we support to blend in with others.

Treating People as Individuals and Recognising Their Individual Needs, Gifts and


We are all individuals and no two people are the same and so no two people should be treated the same.  Each individual, whoever they are, has gifts and talents as well as needs. Our job is to help people to develop as well as meeting their needs.

Valuing All

If you value the people you work with you automatically treat them with dignity and respect.  This is what we all want – and what we should all expect.

As well as valuing the people we support, we value their families and friends and the community as a whole AND we value our staff.

Working with a Positive Outlook and Attitude

New Prospects wants staff to love their work, put in their all and come to work looking forward to the day.  We want the people we support to know that they can do things that they want to do and learn new skills.  We believe anything is possible and that dreaming big gets you there quicker.

Delivering Results and Value for Money

We judge our results by the successes of the people we support and the part we play in them.  Value for Money is delivering success in helping people to progress.

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