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Awards 2024

Our first Awards ceremony since 2019 took place on the 2nd of July at St James' Park football ground. It was LUSH! Here's the first photo of many. Philip Atkinson, winner of the Outstanding Contribution to New Prospects Award. We've supported Philip for years - he's represented us at events, been a member of the A Team, and was one of our first Quality Checkers many years ago. Recently he's joined our panel to interview staff - stepping in for other people when they don't want to interview their own team members. Philip's many contributions include;

  • Showing us all what can be achieved when you are determined, positive and don't take any cr*p

  • Reminding us all how important freedom is, and helping us figure out how technology can help.

  • Snipping at our heels when we don't quite get it right, when he says "I want a word with YOU" you know you are either in for it or he has a great idea!

  • Philip also reminds us about the importance of home and love.

Philip and his family have been a thread running through the organisation, bringing us back to where we started - moving people out of big institutions and keeping us on track to make sure we do not bring anything of the institution in to people's homes.

Well deserved Philip.

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